Exhibition and Show Stand Electrics


Our services include the hiring of fixtures and fittings (like sockets and lights) for the duration of your exhibition, the installation of your chosen fittings, and the rental of a live electricity supply based on the amount of power you need.
Some exhibition and event venues are rich in natural light, but often that’s not quite enough to make the right impact, or there’s very little natural light in the venue at all. This is why most exhibitors choose to hire lighting for their stand. A well placed light fitting can highlight a particular graphic you’re proud of, or bathe your stand in an even glow.
If you’re looking to power up appliances on your stand, you’ll need to hire sockets. Whether you’re powering a laptop with a domestic plug, or heavy machinery with a CEE Form plug, you’ll find sockets and supplies to power them all. Generally speaking there are no mains plugs to connect directly into in an exhibition hall, so you would need to have some professionally installed and tested with the correct supply.

Kilbey Electrical Services

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